About Us


We are a young, rapidly growing company focused on providing Indian industry with cutting edge products, services & technologies that:

  1. Extend maintenance intervals
  2. Reduce breakdown maintenance
  3. Increase machine efficiency
  4. Increase productivity & plant throughput
  5. Enhance plant safety
  6. Decrease energy costs
  7. Augment existing capacities

In a short span of time, we have worked closely with leading public and private sector manufacturing companies.

All our activities are geared towards using an out of the box approach to solving problems engineers and plants face on a daily basis. Our principals are niche manufacturers who are acknowledged to be global technology leaders in their fields.

Our aim is to partner your organization’s operations, maintenance and production engineers to provide innovative, cost effective, cutting edge technologies that will protect your equipment, increase your efficiency and add to your bottom line.

We are the sole all-India agents & distributors for all the products that we sell.