Environmental Storage Covers

Environmental Structures are helping to meet health and safety requirements and environmental protection laws. They are also used by companies to foster good neighbor and green policy plans.

Our environmental protection structures prevent airborne dust and odor pollution, to prevent algae growth in water supplies and for many other environmental applications.

The tank covers prevent environmental contamination of stored liquids and specially sealed environmental protection structures serve as containments for asbestos and other harmful materials. These structures can be effectively sealed to provide a negative-pressure environment.

Once a site has been cleaned up, the shelter can be used again and again - providing a return on investment (ROI) that far exceeds that of a traditional structure. Covers can be readily decontaminated to be used again or to be recycled when appropriate.

Reuse, Recycle or Relocate - Environmental Protection Structures provide long term value. We offer:

  1. Chemical tank covers
  2. Fuel tank covers
  3. Nuclear decontamination storage
  4. Potable water covers
  5. Remediation buildings
  6. Sewage covers