Fabric Doors

Folding Door Systems, Industrial Building Doors, Roll Up Doors

Buildings and Shelters can be customized with many different types of doors to accommodate your needs.

There are as many options for customizing the doors in a structure as there are applications. Whether you need a traditional-style industrial building door to allow entry of vehicles and loading equipment, sliding hangar doors or a customized solution, our design and integration expertise with door solutions is unmatched.

Industrial Doors Designed

The double-plated door is built with a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame with rubber gaskets between blades, and a rubber seal between the bottom of the door and the floor. High-security stainless steel locks make this door acceptable to both fire authorities and insurance companies, and a secure lock between the bottom of the door protects it against wind damage.

In addition to its heavy-duty construction, the industrial door is convenient and easy-to-use. A single person can easily close it with one hand, and the unit comes flat-packed for inexpensive transportation to the job site. The door comes with 50mm of insulation, and double-insulated polycarbonate windows are available as an option.

Fast Jet Doors

To form the fast jet doors and to support the fabric, two hinged gable frames on each side of the centre line are pivoted at the apex of the gable so that their lower and outer ends can be lifted to open. The central vertical frames are fitted with extensions to support the fabric when the doors are in the open position. The door gable frames are lifted by a hand operated winch or electrically operating trident winches, and wire cables are guided by pulleys. A safety strap is provided to hold the doors in the open position.

Provision is made for the wire cables to be unclipped from the nearside door and attached to the opposite door to allow the door members to be winched closed in high winds.

To provide unimpeded access for aircraft wheels, the gable foundation channel to the fast jet doors has an easily removable centre section or aluminium ramps can also be provided.

Custom Door Solutions

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