NoFire A-18

NoFire A-18 paint is the standard used for all land based civilian applications including residential, commercial and industrial uses. It is used in all NoFire Textile materials.

NoFire A-18 is a classified product by Underwriters Laboratories. It complies with the Uniform Building Code requirements and exceeds standards for many commercial and industrial applications. A complete list of approvals including copies of test reports is available in the NoFire Technical Manual.

What is NoFire paint and how does it differ from ordinary paint?

  1. NoFire paint belongs to a class known as Intumescents.Simply stated, an intumescent paint is one that expands when activated or exposed to heat.
  2. NoFire is applied the same way ordinary latex paint is applied, with a roller brush or by spraying.
  3. It is Non-Hazardous and environmentally safe.
  4. It is Water base - Easy clean-up with water. Nontoxic - in both the liquid state and after activated at high temperatures.
  5. It provides a Highly Durable Flat Finish
  6. It Adheres well to most surfaces
  7. It is a Single Component, requires no blending, no mixing
  8. It needs No Special Surface Preparation
  9. It needs No Special Application Equipment
  10. It is Available in All Colors (tinted at factory)