S Barrier Wrap System

Fire Protection Wrap System for Steel Columns

  1. A dry, easy-to-install, environmentally safe, low-cost alternative to architectural spray coatings.
  2. Requires NO job site evacuation or surface preparation.
  3. Lightweight and durable.
  4. No flaking.
  5. No long term degradation.
Comparision of Structural Steel Fireproofing Techniques
Cementitious Spray Gypsum Wallboard Framing Intumescent Spray NoFire S-Barrier
Cost Low High Very High Low
Installation Specialized Very Specialized Very Specialized Not Specialized
Evacuation of Job Site Required Not Required Required Not Required
Clean up Required Extensive Minimal Extensive None
Hazard Yes No Possibly No
Environmental Impact Unhealthy None Possibly Unhealthy None
Longevity Flakes Off Long Lasting Possible Erosion Long Lasting
Appearance Poor Good Good Good
Weight Heavy Very Heavy Light Light

S-Barrier Ratings and UL ®Approvals
CB (Ceramic Blanket) Approval rating in Minutes
W/D Size S-Barrier with no CB S-Barrier Rating with 1/2" CB S-Barrier Rating with 1" CB
0.5 60
0.59 60 60
0.69 60 90
1.01 90 90
1.07 90 120
1.50 120 120
1.64 60 120 120
>1.64 60 120 120