Dry Dock Covers


Dry Dock Covers customized strictly as per user’s operational requirements.
  1. Covers are of lightweight construction
  2. Cover any length of the dry dock (50%,100%) as per user requirements
  3. Modules width are customizable (5m-30m)
  4. Modules designed for either nesting type or non-nesting type as per user requirements
  5. Civil work is kept to a minimum level
  6. Coversareeither:

    • track mounted

    • fixed type structure with lifting hooks so it can be lifted by a crane and stored away from dry dock
    • cantilever structure
  7. Designed in accordance with IS: 875 for wind speeds and IS:1893 for seismic conditions.
  8. The cover & track system are designed to take high uplift pressures.
  9. Fire retardant fabric used for wall covering has a long MTBF and is easily repairable/replaceable.
  10. Covers are not prone to tearing or damage under normal conditions.
  11. Operational life of the cover is >25 years
  12. Design has negligible or minimum disruption to existing setup (no interference with crane track, etc)
  13. Design has minimum disruption to existing services including welding machines, etc.
  14. Attempts are made to ensure maximum open work space along the length of the entire dry dock
    If necessary, rapid opening doors can be provided to eliminate/minimize look-in by a satellite pass
    Optional accessories can be provided including HVAC, fire suppression, solar panels, etc.