Portable Roads

Panel construction

Durable panel construction including high grade materials, engineered structural support and high quality manufacturing

Material High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) post-industrial recycled plastic,reinforced with additives for added strength, flex modulus, and izod impact value.
UV Package A 5-year UV package is incorporated into the material formulation to prevent degradation and brittleness as a result of prolonged sun exposure.
Understructure Bi-directional ribbing system which includes four (4) full-height ribs in either direction and five (5) half-height ribs, thus providing strength while minimizing surface area contact. All ribbing incorporates radius edges to prevent sub-surface damage or cutting.
Liquid Containment Panels overlap upon connection to minimize liquid penetration. Overlap incorporates a specialized containment channel under each overlap area, designed to capture stray liquid that may seep from top surface.
Underside Module Optional underside module attaches to the underside of each panel, thus sealing the system and providing additional strength, rigidity and weight distribution to allow for more heavyweights loading. ArmorDeck systems interconnect to each other to allow for multiple versions of ArmorDeck to be seamlessly connected as needed for varying applications.
Aeration Holes Specially designed to allow light, aeration, and rain drainage. Incorporates proprietary ridge that surrounds each aeration hole, thus preventing casual spills from flowing through to the subsurface. Specialized aeration hole ridge also provides additional traction during wet conditions.