Portable Roads

Weight loading

  •   Weight Weight Capability
    Module w/o Bottom 31 lbs 14.1 kg 25,000 lbs / sq ft*
    Module w/ Bottom 41 lbs / 18.6kg 45,000 lbs / sq ft*
      *static load on a solid and level subsurface
    Fire rating UL94 HB  

    1. Installation Instructions :
      Little or no ground preparation is required prior to installation of DuraDeck , but areas must be relatively level and large rocks or obstacles must be removed. DuraDeck can be used on mud, grass, sand and other surfaces, but weight-loading capacities will be reduced on softer surfaces, geotextiles may be used on very soft surfaces to help distribute weight and provide additional support and weight loading. DuraDeck is not a bridging material and should never be used to cross or span large gaps, gullies or chasms.
    2. Material Staging :
      It is recommended that pallets of DuraDeck be staged as close to the area of operation to minimize the amount and distance of manual transport. It is possible to transport DuraDeck using forklifts, removing each sheet and placing it into position, creating a roadway over which the forklift can then move further sheets to be installed.
    3. Installing A Single Duralink :
      1.  Lay one mat flat on the ground. Insert the short end of a single DuraLink down through each corner hole on the narrow end. Slide the ends of each DuraLink under the mat with one end attached and one unattached.

      2.  Tip a second mat on its side and slide the unattached end of each DuraLink through corresponding holes on the tipped mats. Lay the second mat down flat, end-to-end with first mat. You now have two mats connected together with two single DuraLinks, 4’ end-to-end, to form a track 16’ long (you also can connect the mats side to side if you want a wider track,using the same procedure).

      3.  Repeat step two to make a track of unlimited length.
    4. Installing A Double Duralink :
      1.  Lay two mats flat on the ground side by side. Insert the short ends of a double DuraLink into the corresponding corner holes. Insert short ends of single DuraLinks in the outside edges.Slide ends of the double and single DuraLinks under the mat.

      2.  Tip the two mats on their sides, side-by-side and slide the other ends of double DuraLinks and the two single DuraLinks through corresponding holes on the tipped mats. Lay both mats down flat, end-to-end with first mats. You now have four mats connected together at the common corners, in the center, and at the outside corners to form a working area.

      3.  Repeat step two to make a track of unlimited length and width.
      * Single links connect two mats together end-to-end or side-to-side.
      ** Double links connect four mats together at the common corner.

      Disassembling a DuraDeck Floor
      To disassemble a DuraDeck floor with DuraLinks, simply tip the outermost sheet of DuraDeck on its side, releasing the DuraLink, and slide the tipped sheet away from the adjacent sheet.Remove the DuraLink from the adjacent mat by tipping it sideways and sliding out. Repeat as necessary.

      Transport, Storage and MaintenanceDuraDeck requires little maintenance and can be transported compactly. Clean DuraDeck sections using standard cleaning fluids and a hard bristle brush. Alternatively, a pressure washer may be used for deeper cleaning. Sections may be stacked on pallets (suggested 25 mats per pallet), banded and transported together using a forklift. DuraDeck may be stored indoors or outdoors and may be stacked as high as can be safely accommodated.
    5. Our Services
      1.  We can provide quick erect/strike portable roadways over nearly any kind of terrain or ground surface. With the ability to support moving loads up to 80 tons, our modular portable roadway systems are suitable for most off-road mobility requirements.

      2.  These modular roads can handle harsh conditions and varying ground conditions, yet they transport compactly and can be rapidly deployed.

      3.  No other product currently has the breadth of product offerings, the experience, or the ability to react as quickly to immediate needs.

      4.  In addition to supplying the flooring, we can also provide turnkey installation solutions