Current Situation

Dry docks are usually uncovered and open to the sky. This is because, covers are assumed to be “not technically feasible” to be retrofitted due to location of dock cranes (LL& Goliath cranes) and services.

Mobile Shelters

Mobile shelters give shipyards the option of covering the docks without impeding crane operations. Installation of Shelters increases shipbuilding & ship repair productivity substantially.

At a defense shipyard, installation of these shelters resulted in a reported 30-35% increase in productivity. Shelters can be fitted on dry docks, floating dry docks, slipways, dry berths, etc.
We are an OEM for Mobile Shelters.

Key Features

  • The state-of-the art self-propelled portable shelters are light-weight because of their unique design & construction and require minimum, site civil works.
  • The shelters are custom designed as per prevalent wind, seismic, snow loads and can be supplied on single rail or in telescopic configuration, upto 3 sets of rails, as per user requirements.
  • Since they are completely custom engineered, building them in all sizes is possible (spans up to 100m/ heights up to 55m).
  • Currently, shelters are being designed to meet extreme wind speeds up to 250 Km/hr (sustained) and 300 Km/Hr. (gusts) and can be easily operated with the help of the Radio Remote Control.

Portable Shelters have an extremely short ROI & payback period for the following reasons:

  • Increased shipyard productivity – GRSE have reported substantial productivity increases (up to 35-40%) due to installation of Shelters.
  • Increased worker comfort- temperature reduction in the range of 8-10 degrees.
  • Year round working possible during monsoon, summer & winter months.
  • Secrecy – satellite look ins not possible.
  • Shelters are designed & erected without disrupting yard activities and are customized to fit in extremely tight clearances considering existing dock infrastructure, including cranes, etc.

Optional Ad-ons

Shelters can be customized as per user requirements and optionally equipped with:
  • Gable end vertical opening doors.
  • Side doors.
  • Integrated EOT cranes, hoists, etc.
  • Specialized lighting & electrical packages.
  • Adjustable working platforms.
  • Compressed air/service lines.
  • Lifting hooks, etc.
  • Rubber tires.
  • Bi-directional wheel movement.

Adjustable Platforms

Gable End doors

Side Doors for crane access



  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Design & Engineering
  • Equipment Supply or Turnkey Project Execution
  • Spares
  • After Sales Support


These are some of the projects that have been done by Altair

GRSE Dry Dock -1, 2014
L: 15m x W: 29m H: 15m - 6 nos
Telescopic Aluminum Box Beam Structure

  • portfolio
  • portfolio

GRSE, YM 2015
(Green Field)
Dry Dock (LWH): 20m x 34.5m x 23m – 4 nos.
Inclined Berth: (LWH): 20m x 29m x 23m – 3 nos.

  • portfolio
  • portfolio
  • portfolio

MDL (Retrofit),2017
22.0W x 34.5m H x 25m L Slipway Covers
Installed on Slipway with Declivity of 1:27

  • portfolio
  • portfolio

Raja Bagan Dockyard
L: 5m W: 18m W x 10m H
Specialized Lift & Shift Structures

Retrofit of cantilevered 3 Rail structures on service gallery.

  • portfolio
  • portfolio

Floating Dry Dock fitted with Mobile Shelter (fabric roof to be installed later)

  • portfolio


Garden Reach Shipbuilders

Mazgon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd.

Goa Shipyard Ltd.