Rapid Erect Sun Shelters


Altair introduced the concept of Rapid Erect Sun Shelters to the IAF in 2009. During the NCNC trial, the RESS successfully with-stood microgusts of 80 knots. The 1st set of 27 structures has been supplied to the IAF & commissioned in time of 6 months.
The concept behind the RESS is simple–solidly built, cost- effective structures that can be customized to meet the requirements of Indian Armed Forces for Indian conditions.


Though relocatable, for all practical purposes the Altair RESS is a permanent structure with a guaranteed life of 25 years for the aluminum super structure and 10 years for the high strength polyester membrane cladding.
The structures currently supplied to the IAF and Indian Navy are engineered to meet gusts of 200km/hr and sustained wind speeds upto 150km/hr.

The structures are designed to meet & exceed the following codes:
• IS: 875 / IBC 2007 for wind speeds
• IS: 1893 for seismic loads

For all projects, we provide turn key services starting from initial site surveys to design, supply, erection, project management, commissioning & maintenance.
We can design, supply, install & provide life cycle support for all accessories & addon equipment, including HVAC, doors, ancillary equipment, there by serving as a one-stop solution provider.
It is a well-known fact that heat soak results in substantial damage to aircraft avionics. The RESS will provide substantial protection against heat soak and weather elements & also facilitate day & night time maintenance activities.
The design, flexibility, speed of construction, durability & cost - effective operation of the RESS will provide the Indian Armed Forces with increased operational efficiency in tarmac, flight line & maintenance operations.


Aluminium Alloy Super Structure:

    Composed of high strength, low weight Aircraft grade T6-6061 (or equivalent) aluminium alloy, the super structure is guaranteed for 25 years. Aluminium has become a preferred material over for steel for several reasons:
  • Corrosion free, therefore no special maintenance/special repairs required
  • Low lifecycle costs with respect to UV, marine exposure, rainfall, etc.
  • Light weight therefore can be transported easily & cheaply
  • No foundations required because of low weight
  • Very durable- life expectancy > 40 years
  • Safe
  • Easily relocatable
  • No possibility of the structure being magnetized

Hybrid Super Structure

We also manufacture hybrid shelters in a combination of aluminium & steel, based on customized requirements. The hot dipped galvanized steel structure takes the form of tubular or box sections. The hot-dipped galvanized coating of all steelwork offers excellent corrosion protection with an estimated life in excess of 25 years


The structures feature a high strength PVC coated polyester membrane cladding, that is tensioned over an engineered box beam frame. The fabric has a life expectancy of up to 15 years, and is guaranteed for a period of 7 years.

  • Fabric is fire retardant as per UL/BS/NFPA guidelines
  • The fabric weave is rip stop
  • Since the fabric is tensioned over the structure, there is no possibility of flapping / puddling of water
  • The fabric can withstand high winds
  • The fabric can be easily repaired
  • Due to unique design the fabric can be replaced easily
  • The structure can be supplied with an inner skin of polyethylene or polypropylene which can meet NBC containment
  • Available in several colours: Dove grey, Olive Green, White(transluscent & blackout), etc.


The RESS can be installed on a number of different types of surfaces, including:

  • Concrete / RCC / Tarmac
  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Hard ground
  • Arctic conditions


The RESS can be fitted with any door arrangement based on user requirements.

    Door packages include:
  • Personnel access doors (0.8m wide x 2.0m high)
  • Aircraft doors (vertically opening, horizontally, forward opening doors)
  • Vertically opening fabric doors (up to 7.0m wide x 5.0m high)
We can also engineer solutions for special requirements, including ground covers and special operational requirements

Vehicle & Personnel Access

Vertical Opening

Forward Opening

Optional Add-ons

Electrical & Lighting

    We can design & install turnkey lighting & electrical systems to suit operational activities, including:
  • Metal halide lighting (standard)
  • Explosion proof lighting package
  • NVG - IR compatible LED lighting
  • Light weight portable lighting packages
Electrical / Lighting systems comply with applicable IEEE/BS/IS codes. All lighting packages are designed to be completely integrated into the structure.

Ventilation is required for maintaining air quality. The unique aerodynamic design significantly augments air movement beneath the shelter.
For a fully enclosed shelter, we can install ventilation fans, vent openings. Alternatively, HVAC systems can be customized for demanding requirements, including paint spray, fumes, soot & exhaust extraction.
Air conditioning can be provided for the whole shelter or for specific areas/zones within the RESS. Additional facilities including compressed air lines, lubricant dispersal, water, gas or oil lines can also be installed.
The structures can also be integrated with heating systems designed to comply with high altitude areas. We can utilize various feed stocks, including gas, steam, LPG, diesel, DG power, electricity, etc.
For all HVAC requirements, ducting systems will be incorporated into the design of the building.

Our structures can be insulated with the provision of a secondary layer of fabric. By adding an insulating material between the two fabrics, we can deliver a completely insulated structure in compliance with International Building Regulations.
Various types of insulating material can be used including standard glass fibre, Rockwool, fire retardant materials, etc.


    To create humidity controlled facilities, we can offer dehumidification systems in various conditions:
  • Fixed systems for RH% control of the entire facility
  • Mobile systems for RH% control of specific areas of the airframe, e.g. cockpit & avionics bay
Ideally it is suggested that RH% be maintained between 40- 50% for aircraft avionics/ electronics

NBC Protection

    We can design & deliver shelters so that they are NBC compliant. Such shelters will be delivered with:
  • COLPRO fabric
  • NBC filtration systems
  • Decontamination systems

Cranes / Lifting Equipment
Structures can be provided with EOT / Gantry cranes of up to 10 metric tons lifting capacity, allowing them to be used as fully functional maintenance hangars.

The RESS can be shipped per user requirements in ISO 10', 20' or 40' containers. We can cater to all requirements, including helicopter sling certified, air-transportable, side opening/top opening containers, etc.


Indian Air Force

Indian Navy